Small but rewarding adventures

Last week there was heavy snowfall across many parts of the United States and Washougal, Washington was no exception. For me it was the first time that I experienced a storm like the one we had … well, not only for me, I heard that something like this had not been experienced for 100 years, which was a first for all of us who live in the area 😉

Our house is near what is called Columbia Gorge, a very windy area and combined with wooden houses, they are not the most pleasant things for my taste. Perhaps in this matter of feeling like a girl I have in my head the story of the wolf blowing the house of the 3 little pigs … who knows …

Beyond the night storm and because the wind had calmed down, I felt like going to enjoy the snow walking around the neighborhood. This time I came out a little warmer and not in pajamas and barefoot like last time 🙂

It was very fun to meet one of my neighbors, who as soon as she saw me she threw some snowballs at me and suggested that I make little angels in her yard. Then I went on my way and she stayed with her grandfather building a snowman. I did not clarify that my neighbor is a real girl and not like me, who am a girl at heart;)

The third day the situation was different. When I opened the window I saw that everything was covered in ice, I can’t explain how beautiful it was, so I put the crampons in my boots, essential accessory in case of ice so as not to slip and fall (I have experience in the matter 🙂

Look at this deer skating for not wearing crampons 🙂

It is very interesting to see frozen plants and leaves, as well as cars and furniture with stalactites or stalagmites (I never knew which was which :)) and it seemed to me that it gave a serious frame to my writing to use these words instead of saying bits of ice hanging from different items 🙂

The table looks like it has a tablecloth and I wondered where the birds have taken refuge

One of the things that most impacted during the walk, were the explosions that were heard when the ice began to melt and fall. I recommend for these cases to stay away from trees and houses if you don’t want to get wet or hurt;)

I took all this as a little adventure and the advice for life is never stop opening the door to go play, enjoy what you have around you. See you soon and thank you for joining me on this tour 😉

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