Still exploring the flavors of Vietnam

Before concentrating again on the food tour, I want to tell you that a few days ago I received a surprise gift from one of my friends from Argentina. It’s not the first time that Eleonora has surprised me, and I think that doing it again will “leave me dry,” a rather old phrase that means giving someone a heart attack 🙂 . I love … Continúa leyendo Still exploring the flavors of Vietnam

Seguimos saboreando Vietnam

Antes de volver a concentrarme en el paseo de comidas, te cuento que recibí hace unos dias un regalo sorpresa de una de mis amigas de Argentina. Eleonora no es la primera vez que me sorprende y creo que de hacerlo nuevamente me va a «dejar seca» frase bastante antigua que se refiere a matar a alguien del corazón 🙂 Amo la exageración italiana que … Continúa leyendo Seguimos saboreando Vietnam

Flavors of Southeast Asia

I have been and still am a fan of Anthony Bourdain and his programs, in which he travels the world trying out different foods, some of which had never crossed my mind to try.  His program was really entertaining because, in addition to the food, he talked about the history of each place he visited.  Bourdain was a great admirer of Vietnam and its food, and having been there … Continúa leyendo Flavors of Southeast Asia