My blog in English (at last)

In 2016 Barnaby and I decided to come to live to Portland, OR after a couple of years living in sin in Buenos Aires, the city in which I was born, raised and spent all my life. He wanted to return to his country and back to his house, and the good news was that I was included :)It was not an easy decision for me, but my love wanted to go back home, some things had happened where I used to work, and that helped me to move forward.

It was a big challenge being 50 years old at that time, with Spanish as my mother tongue, no job after 32 years of working, and moving to a different culture in which, at the beginning, I tried to kiss everyone (on the cheek, of course) instead of shaking hands….quite a difference. Besides, the few times that I had come to visit Portland had been in summer (maybe you know that summers in the northwest of the States are amazing—long sunny days, dry, not so hot, perfect!), but the problem was that we were moving in January so the weather was very different: rainy and gray every day (notice my very proper American spelling of “gray”). 

All those things were little speed bumps for me, but I survived and adjusted.So, in the summer of 2016 I decided to write a blog telling my friends of my adventures in my new world. And the most important thing: in my fifties I started a very “young life,” learning lots and opening new doors that I had never imagined.My conclusion:  don’t be afraid of the passing years, be afraid of not doing things that you love; there are millions of possibilities and a big world (of places, ideas, and people) to explore no matter your age.  Never forget to feed your inner child!

I wrote a few articles in Spanish about our trips because we love to travel, but for a reason I can’t remember—maybe because I’m over 50—I stopped writing.
Now in 2020 I have decided to return to blogging, of course in Spanish, but I realize that during the last four years I have been meeting a lot of people who speak English and could be interested in what I am doing, so I asked for Barnaby’s help to correct my grammar so the posts will be neat and nice.

My blog is named “A life like in the movies” for two reasons. The first is that, when I moved to the US, some everyday situations were for me like watching a movie, for example the enormous supermarkets, yellow school buses, dogs annoyed with postmen, rings to propose marriage, among many others.  The second is that, at this point in my life, I feel like a movie star (kinda!!)

My writing has been informal, giving my point of view about our trips, and trying to add humor in my own special way.
I hope that this project works in my adopted language:  expressions and humor (and those who spell it “humour” will know what I mean) sometimes are not easy to translate and because of this there will be differences from the Spanish version.
Come along and follow me on this adventure!

Barnaby Sheridan helped in the English corrections 🙂

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