Strange days

Last Sunday from our home window

Hi everybody, I had resolved for the new year to start rewriting my blog about my trips and living in the northwest of the United States. The idea has been to share stories in a funny and entertaining way.
I had thought to post a new article every week as a kind of routine in my life.I’m pretty sure that everyone made a lot of resolutions for the new year like: lose weight (that topic has been on my list for years with no success :)), learn a language (I’m feeling interested in Japanese), join a gym and GO (this has been removed from my operating system), and travel (impossible nowadays). Those were mine, and probably you had your own ideas.

Nobody thought that, with the coronavirus, our “priorities” would change completely and everything that we had been doing would be on pause. From one day to the other we have had to start a new way of living.
I think that I told you that writing is therapeutic for me. Makes me feel that I’m having a conversation with the person who is reading. Besides it helps me to remember trips, organize pictures, challenges me to write better… just makes me feel good. But last week it was almost impossible to get close to the blog because I was feeling worried and down (not all the time but part of it), and writing about Vietnam and Cambodia was nonsense to me.
We had plans to go to Buenos Aires in April and we can’t;  we are at home, not receiving or visiting our neighbors or friends, we can’t go to shows or restaurants, all the normal stuff that we used to do.  This makes us feel overwhelmed.
But I stopped examining my belly button and started thinking of how other people are living in this particular time. My family and friends in Argentina, all the friends that I have around the world:  in other states in America, Spain, Italy, Australia, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Canada and Australia. And besides all the lovely people that we met on the trip in Vietnam and Cambodia.  It just breaks my heart. Are they all doing ok? Because we are fine, lucky to be in a good relationship… maybe you should double check this with Barnaby 🙂 although sometimes we feel anxious to be far from our daughters.

On Friday I called Guille, a friend from high school, and while talking about different topics I said that I felt it impossible to write, that I didn’t have energy but on the other hand I needed to let my feelings out. He suggested to me to write a special article about those feelings and what I am doing during these days.  Sometimes I feel that my body is here in Camas while my heart is divided between here and Buenos Aires. This conversation really energized me and I started to write something special for this week.

Working hard in my new post 🙂

My website’s name is in Spanish and means “travels, adventures and something more…” and this article is about the “something more” that nobody expected which changed all our routines.
So here are the things that that we’ve been doing (it’s not an XXX blog so I will only tell the uncensored things 😉 ).  As background, schools, the library and some of the shops in downtown Camas were closed last week. In general all the shops are small businesses that have been trying to stay alive. Very hard times for them. 

Beautiful downtown Camas

In our case we have been isolated for two weeks, no visitors, but we created a way to be with our neighbors in a common area in which we have enough distance to be protected from contagion but close enough to listen to what everyone’s saying (we are all kind of old).  The interesting thing is that we discovered we were repeating the same conversations two days in a row… symptoms of the virus? Not at all, just old people saying the same things over and over again. We corrected that and the third evening we were very alert about distance and topics 🙂
Besides this, we go to the supermarket and take some walks besides the river:  we are very lucky to live close to nature (forest and river).  We have been cooking a lot, not me, just Barnaby. He has been great looking for new recipes and preparing them. I help by doing dishes and eating, of course.  And he is helping me correct my English for the blog.

Waffles gluten free made by favourite chef

Besides I have my other activities:  photography lessons online, not a very good student but I have been trying to do my best in my homework. And besides I’m trying to learn to draw (mission impossible).

My homework: backlithing photos

Something that I enjoy a lot is working in my yard. Some years ago in Argentina there were people saying that talking to the plants made them grow healthier and nicer…. I was kind of skeptic about that, so I am not doing this, besides in which language do I talk to them? What happens if the plant misunderstands what I’m saying? I prefer to keep silent 🙂 

Some of my plants

Something else that I do is listen to podcasts.  I do this in Spanish so I can’t recommend many (just the Ted Talks) just to say that there are thousands of topics and people and if you find whatever helps you, try it. It’s a very entertaining activity.There are people organizing online courses, museums that give virtual visits, and of course you can read or watch movies. I will try a new app called House-party to have conversations with several people simultaneously, for now it’s an experiment.Try to keep busy with things that you enjoy and make you feel happy. Stay at home, but watch out for too much news and too much information (sometimes fake), which is not healthy.
I want to express my gratitude to all the people working in health, on the battlefront:  you are our new superheroes. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for reading my blog.

P.S. As I am posting this, the state of Washington has ordered all people to stay inside and closed all non-essential businesses.

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