In the footsteps of Rudolph

Mt Hood covered with snow

Barnaby took this picture, he takes better photos than me but it is great to have him in my team 🙂
Our selfie with special effects
My snow shoes
He took pictures of me and I took from him
Beautiful trees covered with snow

Trip to Mount Hood

This is the first December that I am spending in the United States, in a normal year (and this obviosly is not one), at this time of the year, we would already be in Buenos Aires enjoying the spring.

The difficult thing about the Pacific Norhwest in winter is that daylight hours are very scarce (My mantra is: for these forests to exists it has to rain a lot… although sometimes repeating to myself it is not enough 😦 ) But as for every rule there are exceptions , and every once in a while there are sunny days, and during these we take advantage of being so close to places where winter has already taken over.

This trip was to Mt Hood which which is located in Oregon State and is one of my favorites. Snow for me is something totally new and I enjoy it as if I were a child :). Actually I try to enjoy everything that is presented to me in life 😉

I have never skied, and I think I will leave it for another life because at 50 plus I think a lot about my bones (it is amazing how thoughts change over the years 🙂 ) however I found snow shoes to be the best option and excellent exercise.

I wrote at first quite naturally about December; and honestly cannot believe that Christmas is almost at our doorstep. And these trees that seem to be decorated for the occasion made me think that I have a better chance of finding Santa Claus and his reindeer Rudolph in this area more than in South America. I will keep investigating to see if this is so or not. I am intrigued to know about Christmas is like in the northern hemisphere 🙂 I will be sharing my progress 😉 see you soon

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