Here we go again

Hi my friends, during the last week I have wanted to come back to my blog to continue with the trip in Asia. I opened a section called Misceláneas but it’s only in Rioplatense Spanish, with some expressions that are only understood in Argentina. Here’s a video from an American guy called Dustin Luke who used to live in Buenos Aires and explained something of the culture from there. By the way I have to say that his accent is impeccable.

So in the last post we were about to disembark in the port of Phnom Penh.  Then we took an excursion around the city by tuk tuk. This is a motor bike with a cart in the back with no windows or doors, it’s like traveling in a bike but more comfortable, but you still have the sensation that the cars, bikes, other tuk tuks are going to hit you. Trust me, there is a lot of fun involved.  Here are some pictures where you can see some of our traveling friends.

Brian and Sandie saying hi

One of the stops was at Sihanouk Memorial dedicated to the King Norodom Sihanouk who left his crown to his son Norodom Sihamoni in 2003. Big bronze statue at the Independence Monument.
Here are some pictures and to my own surprise… I’m becoming more and more used to technological tools… Look at me!! I have a Youtube channel and I posted a great video that Barnaby filmed during our drive.

Barnaby filmed this video during the ride

Another stop was at the Central Market, a place where you can find watches, clothes, bags from very well known and expensive brands but they were fake. Kind of bizarre. I liked the places where they sold flowers and the small stands for exchanging money with windows making the bills very visible.

Are you a football (soccer) fan? If the answer is NO you can go to the next paragraph but if it’s YES, you probably saw Agüero (Kun) in the picture. I found that they have football players in beer cans, in this case from Manchester City. Something funny that happened was that we were asked all the time from where we came, and when I said Argentina, they said “Messi”: they knew that the guy plays in Barcelona but he is Argentinian.

We went to have tea at the Raffles Le Royal Hotel, a very luxurious place which was visited by Jacqueline Kennedy once upon a time;  they kept the cocktail glass with her lipstick mark on it.  Besides they dedicated a cocktail in her honor named Femme Fatale… beautiful name and even though we were supposed to be having tea, I asked for one, I felt that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try it. It was a shame that I wasn’t wearing lipstick 😉

At night we went around the city in the tuk tuk again. It was an unforgettable excursion, seeing all the very bright city lights and feeling free in those vehicles on such a refreshing night. We had lost all the fear of the crazy traffic. Amazing!!

Another video from Barnaby

After that we had our dinner in our “normal” schedule around nine and two great members of the ship’s crew were waiting for us with everything arranged.  It’s funny that in United States we start barbecuing at 9pm when everyone else is getting ready to go to bed.

The next day we went to the Royal Palace where the King lives, and the gardens are beautiful and very well cared for. All the buildings were beautiful—my pictures not so much—so I have a video that will show you the place in a better way.

That day we finished by visiting families who produce silver handcrafted objects and jewelry.  Walking around there the kids were smiling and shouting, giving joy to the place.

Thanks for coming with me again.  Stay home, take care and we will continue this trip together and special thanks to Barnaby, my husband, who helped me correcting my English 🙂

See you soon

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