Stop 2020, I want to get off

A little over a month ago we took a few days to get to know the Umpqua River area in the state of Oregon. It was a short but wonderful trip because the area is beautiful. Unfortunately it is one of the areas affected by the fires and where many people had to be evacuated. To this day we still do not know how things are doing there 😦

Very sad

When I started writing this blog, the main idea was to tell about my trips and the experiences during them, adding my opinions, feelings and moods. Today I felt the need to talk about this place and also to be able to express the sadness that all this produces in me. For several days we have been living under a cloud of smoke (as a result of other fires in Oregon) so prospects at times seem dire, so what would be better than to travel again.

From the window of our house

Before all this happened I was about to write about the trip, but I was putting it off for different reasons. However, today I wanted to remember how much fun we had and hope that it rains soon and all this ends as soon as possible, although the damage is immense: those acres of forest will not be recovered, not the animals that lived there and not to mention the people who have lost their homes and some even their lives.
This article is a tribute to that wonderful place where we spent some incredible days, in these times of viruses, losses and lack of environmental awareness.

We started the journey south of the Umpqua River, passing first by the Rogue River, which is on the way. We made different stops to walk a little, and one of them was Mill Creek Falls, an incredible place where we found these immense rocks, which, after climbing them, gave us this beautiful view of the river.

Every time we go up or down rocks we think we are too old for these adventures 🙂 although we insist 😉

We thought that the place was fantastic, and something that caught our attention was how different the forest (being extremely dry) was compared to the rain forest that we had found in the Olympic National Park on the previous trip.

And so you can see a little more of this beauty I’ll share these videos with you 🙂

They are cute but I think I have to take classes with a film director 😉

Another place to highlight within the area is a place called Natural Bridge, where the Rogue River literally disappears from our view because it passes through what was once a lava tunnel. Really magical.

The southern part of the Umpqua is not as developed as the northern one. The roads are more precarious and you don’t meet many people. We stayed in a place where there was no internet and no telephone connection. At first we (especially me) felt like something was missing; it is incredible how addicted we are to technology and how we feel short of breath if we are not connected. Then when we lower (I lowered :)) the anxiety and we look around us we feel free and happy. The house was on the edge of the river, so I took the opportunity to draw (a new hobby), take photos, read and be unplugged. We really enjoyed the tranquility. We were also lucky to have two nights with a clear skies where we could see constellations and a large number of shooting stars that left us amazed 🙂

This is the Umpqua river passing by the house

One of the days we went for a hike of 6.4 kilometers one way and 6.4 kilometers back (8 miles in total) to Fish Lake, a totally remote place in which during our entire journey we only passed one couple. It gave me a bit of anxiety not having a connection of any kind and being practically alone in the world … a bit exaggerated, right?

Anyway it was worth the strenuous hike because the lake was gorgeous and there was noone around.
These are the photos of the walk.  If you look closely, you will see the burned trees from other fires of who knows when 😦

Then we took the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway (the northern area of Umpqua) which, as I mentioned, is much more developed, with an impeccable highway and where very close to the road you find waterfalls and places to stop and enjoy nature.
We indulged ourselves and settled in for one night at the Steamboat Inn, an inn with cabins, beautiful views, delicious food, and very warm employees. We fell in love so much that we had planned to return in October to continue visiting other places that we could not visit this time. Unfortunately, the area and the inn were affected by the fires and according to what I read on Facebook some of the people who work there had problems with their homes 😦

A place to fall in love

 I hope that all this improves soon, that you understand that my post today was not the happiest, but I want my blog to reflect how I am feeling, both with the happy moments and those that are not. Anyway I try to see the positive despite everything that is happening these days.
Here are my drawings, I need a lot of practice but I feel proud of them because I spent more than 40 years without encouraging myself to draw anything. So I’ll keep trying. Thanks for joining me again. See you soon.

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