Today is Friday and it is snowing in Washougal, WA which is where I live. For a week the weather forecast announced this snowfall, which is going to last all weekend and I was and still very excited. Snow for me is something different, something I experienced for the first time in my 50s and every time it snows I become a baby and do baby things but under my responsibility … and that’s good 🙂

Earlier today, I wrote to myself that I would not want to have regrets some years from now about things I could have done today, such as why I didn’t take advantage of a sunny day, a conversation with friends, a candlelight dinner in the backyard of my home or like today: the snow. I keep thinking lots of times and I’m sure something similar happens to you that I should have enjoyed more things, when Demonia (that’s the name I put to my mind :)) starts up, the SHOULD HAVE appears and make a lot of damage on things that are unchangeable because belong to the past. But we have the opportunity of the here and now to do something different and enjoy the small and big things in life 😉

At what point do we stop being children? At what point did we stop being present and began to say: tomorrow I have to do this and next month the other … I think it all started at school with homework and was reinforced over the years, living many times on automatic pilot with no emotional education.

I love the boys and girls at that age that everything surprises them, who go out for a walk and stop hundreds of times to look at a flower, or an ant or whatever they crossed their path and living the PRESENT with absolute naturalness. For some time now I have been trying to do the same, stop when there is something I like, get out of bed to take a picture when the colors of sunrise leave you with your mouth open or like today: go out in my pajamas and barefoot to feel the snow and cold outside. Go out and laugh at myself 🙂

Looking and being aware of where we are can take you just a few minutes and those minutes are really worth it, because when you remember what you did you smile again, you return for a little while every day to be a child.

Have a nice weekend enjoying a little more of what you have around.

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