Spring is here

I think that in recent months I have told you several times how rainy and gray this area of the planet is.

But it would not be fair not to tell how beautiful everything is around here when spring begins. The days magically (well it is not magic, it is that we are entering the summer solstice, but it seemed a bit more poetic to say it that way 🙂 ) days become much longer, everything blooms and the colors are wonderful. Everything really comes to life, just look at the garden of my house.

During the fall we planted (actually it was Barnaby but I had the idea 😉 ) bulbs to have tulips, which survived the squirrels, I think they love to dig to find something to eat …. although I don’t blame them, because when the winter tightens it is not easy to find food.

Woodenshoe in Oregon

Anyway, something that I hadn’t paid attention to in other years, perhaps because in previous years I was in Buenos Aires around this time and last year … well, we know … last year it was on paused, although this it doesn’t seem to be starting either … but I don’t want to get off the subject …

The truth is that I had not noticed that in this area there are places where you can see tulips in all their splendor.

The interesting thing is that I made the discovery in one of my Panda Projects, when Joyce sent me a photo of a place called Woodland full of tulips here in Washington. That was the start, I googled and found this place called Woodenshoe in Oregon and went to visit it. I was very lucky that the day that I picked was sunny and without wind and I was able to appreciate colors and discover that there are different types of tulips (this comment is for the people of Argentina … in addition to those that appeared in a box 😉 ), perhaps you knew that, I didn’t, and that’s the beauty of looking more closely at the things that surround us.

Different kinds: Innuendo, Dee Jay Parrot, Ballerina, West Point, Purple dream, Lalibela, Banja Luka among others 🙂

But the tour would not have been complete if I had not visited the place that caused the interest, so a few days later I invited my neighbors Cherie and Sheila on a field trip to Holland American Flowers in Woodland. The place is much smaller but the flowers are beautiful everywhere 🙂

And just as I was walking on the ice a few months ago, today I am enjoying an unusual spring around here that is sunnier and warmer than other years. The important thing is to be attentive to those who touch us and not miss the opportunity to enjoy 🙂

Thank you for joining me on this colorful mini-trip.

Holland American Flowers in Woodland, WA

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