Someone explain to me what the Panda Projects are!

When I started with the idea of having a blog, I wanted to write about traveling (in fact several of the articles were about that) to show different places and what had happened to me in each of them. Totally personal experiences, because different things resonate with each of us.

2020 was, as we all know, an absolutely challenging year due to the issue of the pandemic (unfortunately 2021 still is) and being a worldwide phenomenon forced me (us) to stay at home. Before this unleashed I had prepared myself with some elements to make some art because having spent other winters at the PNW I wanted to be prepared for the rainy, grey and short days … later I realized that those ideas they would help during the confinement.

Some projects that I invented were: taking photos for a month and at the same time in the backyard of my house and at sunset, painting flowerpots, drawing, learning to knit , taking photos of the neighbors’s flowers … all solo activities.

But at a certain point after talking with friendly people (on Zoom) and where we all agreed on how much we missed (among other things) traveling, it occurred to me to make a collective game on Instagram and Facebook. I named that Panda projects (Panda because of the pandemic, I thought it was more cheerful and I think we all love Pandas;)) and Projects in plural because I unconsciously knew that he would not be the only one. And I was not wrong 🙂

My solo projects

The first project was something that I felt was simple, because it did not involve traveling but rather opening a window, a door or perhaps reviewing old photos and incidentally, doing a little cleaning of our files. I’m sure you have thousands of photos around and you think: «how did I not delete this before» 🙂

As I am fortunate to meet people who live in different parts of the world (and this was thanks to travel), I asked friends from the northern hemisphere to send photos of the fall which was the season we were going through and those of the south of spring . And the slogan had another detail: whoever wanted could write a feeling or thought in reference to their photo, or to autumn or spring.

The result was a lot of wonderful pictures, enthusiastic people and I was even surprised by the occasional poets 😉

All this work was published for a month on Instagram and Facebook and in the end I put together a collage (or rather four ;)) with all the photos that I was receiving classified by seasons. A beautiful project that I think everyone who participated also liked. The idea was to travel with our eyes.

Those were the Spring pictures

And those were for the Fall

And these are some of my photos of autumn in different places … the one who was doing the cleaning was me 😉

I have only words of thanks to all of these friends who made this game possible. The collective projects are spectacular because they keep me in contact with people and also generate a commitment to each one who gives me something of their own, such as photos or words.

I am happy to bring a little good energy to the world. And if you want to see who participated, and who wrote in their photos or where they were taken, I invite you to look at my Instagram @lauztullio and find out much more.

After this project others came; I’ll keep telling you or maybe you know why you were in one of them; this was possible because many of you joined the game. Many, many thanks to all of you for that 🙂


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